Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training

Diversity, equity and inclusion training understands the importance of talking about race and racism, as well as examining discrimination, power relationships, and the values that shape each participant’s lived experiences.

Mental Health and Holistic Supports

Roots in Africa-Ireland(RIAINetwork) with provide mental health and holistic supports and referrals to people rooted in Africa and Ireland.


RIAINetwork aims to provide mentors and role models to children and young African-Irish people. The mentorship program will incorporate online sessions, virtual activities, and……

Buddy Program

RIAINetwork will provide a program that pairs young people up together to promote friendship, support, and empowerment. The program will be beneficial for behavioural, emotional, and social support.

Cultural Activities

RIAlNetwork will provide various activities for our members online and in person. We believe that relationships, friendships, and companionships are built by spending time together.
We also host book clubs using books centered around the African continent, African diaspora, and Ireland to culturally and linguistically engage diverse learners.

Workshops for Schools and Colleges

According to the Department of Education and Skills, in the Irish education policy and practice, the only anti-racism spoken about is racist bullying between children and young people.