Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training

Diversity, equity and inclusion training understands the importance of talking about race and racism, as well as examining discrimination, power relationships, and the values that shape each participant’s lived experiences. These types of discussions may include ideas pertaining to cultural institutions and systems or, on a smaller scale, each participant’s personal attitudes and assumptions.

Having discussions about these topics may be difficult, slow, and uncomfortable at times, however, they are necessary and should be part of lifelong learning.

Solely focusing on unconscious bias training does not address all of the issues that cause institutional or structural racism. This is why we focus on diversity, equity and inclusion training as well.


RIAINetwork facilitates training on key topics relating to diversity, equality, and inclusion. Our speakers have led numerous events. Our experience has taught us that close collaboration with clients allows us to align our expertise with client goals and objectives to ensure the best audience experience possible. As a result, we partner with clients before, during, and after events to ensure a fantastic experience for all participants.

Training Content

  • Institutional and structural inequalities
  • Unconscious bias, social inequality, and organizational practices
  • Effects of historical institutional structures on modern institutions
  • Rethinking of issues: strategies of promoting and tackling anti-racism and tools

Training Format

Based on our understanding of your organization and audience needs, this is an interactive and full-day training session that requires each participant’s reflective and reflexive engagement.