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Cultural Activities

RIAlNetwork will provide various activities for our members online and on site. We believe that relationships, friendships and companionships are built by spending time together. Activities include:


  • Food: Discovering the different foods enjoyed on the African continent & Ireland, sharing of recipes and exploring the significance of foods eaten at different types of the year and at special ceremonies.
  • Hair Maintenance: Hair of special spiritual importance in Africa. Many African cultures see the head as the center of control, communication, and identity in the body. Hair was regarded as a source of power that personified the individual and could be used for spiritual purposes. Since it rests on the highest point on the body, hair itself was a means to communicate with divine spirits and it was treated in ways that were thought to bring luck and ward off evil. During enslavement, womenwould often braid intricate patterns for the slaves to escape therefore making hair a powerful tool. This is why it is important that our members and participants have this historical understanding of African hair and because of the significance it holds, have the pride and knowledge of maintaining it RIAINetwork will provide literature, tutorials and various other activities that are beneficial for our members and their families in their hair journey and grow appreciation for their natural hair.
  • Sports: Sport has the unique power to change people’s lives, the lives of family members and ability to positively impact the world. It should be the truest discipline for demonstration of all that can be and is good among all ethnicities. The rules of sports are exactly the same universally for every country in the world. Sports also have the power to lift people’s spirits in times of uncertainty and racial divide. The Miracle on Ice during the height of the Cold War and the South Africa’s 1995 Rugby World Cup Victory are all prime examples on how various social games sport activities run by RIAINetwork will foster greater understanding of cultures rooted in Africa and Ireland.
  • Art & Music: Art education connects participants with their own culture as well as with the wider world. RIAINetwork with work with members and participants associate their identity and heritage with that of their parents’. Through art and music, they will improve their target language skills.

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