RIAINetwork - Anti-Racism and Unconscious Bias Training

Book Club

RIAINetwork will host book clubs using books from the African continent, African diaspora, and Ireland to engage culturally and linguistically for diverse learners. Through reading, writing, talking about books we become rooted and unitedfor children, members, young people, and their families. These will be done interactively or online. The Book Club, through age appropriate books will celebrate and recognise African writers or literature about the remarkable and often misjudged continent of Africa. We aspire to share the best of African literature with members that have limited access to such literature. The voices of African writers and the stories they tell, allow the world will get to know the true, vibrant Africa; not the one dominated by stories of crushing poverty, disease, and bad leadership, but one where despite its imperfection, Africa and its diaspora are full of stories of achievement, love, inspiration, and joy.

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