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RIAINetwork is changing lives

In the last two decades, Ireland has seen a considerable change in population, and it has become an intercultural and diverse nation. RIAINetwork aims to support young people and their families of African descent and their families. RIAINetwork will facilitate connections, strengthen resilience, and provide a knowledge of African heritage within communities rooted in Africa & Ireland by establishing:

  • Core Identity: Through an understanding and knowledge of African cultural background, communities will develop a strong sense of self as Africans and as Irish in equal measure. This is done by evidence-based narratives of African cultures to develop authenticity and core identity.
  • Connection: Human beings desire attachment, belonging and connection. RIAINetwork will provide a space to form and nurture connections and relationships by discovering and understanding our own history. RIAINetwork will facilitate connections of our members through culture, language and activities.
  • Resilience: Building self-love and a knowledge of being worthy of acceptance and respect as African and as Irish. This will be done through workshops, literature, mentorship, knowledge of rights and skills of tackling racism.

Our Founders

Diane Ihirwe

is an anti-racism activist, a mother and an important voice against inequality, injustice and racism in Ireland. Diane speaks proudly and unapologetically against marginalisation, discrimination and prejudice within the Irish society. Diane also co-founded Young Mothers Network- a support group for mothers living in Direct Provision Centres.

Joy-Tendai Kangere

is a lifelong learning advocate, activist, interpreter, and aspiring lawyer with a passion for equality for women, girls, and ethnic minorities.Her deep commitment to social justice has grounded her educational and career path. In addition, Joy-Tendai is a Board Member of AONTAS and has represented AONTAS at several events.

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