Core Values

Our work is led by five guiding principles


We work in partnership with individuals and organizations that share our vision.


Our programs, audiences, and staff members reflect diverse perspectives and voices.


We are clear about what we do and how we do it.


We value our autonomy and freedom of thought in all of our relationships and activities.


We champion innovative ideas and approaches to topical conversations and debates.

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Who We Are

Roots in Africa and Ireland (RIAINetwork) is an initiative that aims to tackle and promote anti-racism within Irish society. RIAINetwork strives to build an informed understanding of African heritage among young individuals.
Roots in Africa-Ireland Network (RIAINetwork) is an organisation that was created in 2019 after a death by suicide of a child of African and Irish heritage. This beautiful girl died as a result of racist bullying and the world watched as her family mourned and the community went through collective trauma. We knew that it was not the first nor the last death of suicide due to racial bullying and decided to do something about it.

We decided to create a space where Black people and everyone rooted in Africa and Ireland can come together and be part of a community that transcends beyond borders, language, and culture. A community founded on the pillars of knowledge, empowerment, and representation, with aim to support and unite communities whilst celebrating the duality of being African/Black and Irish.

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Roots in Africa-Ireland Network

RIAINetwork will provide an understanding of the historical, cultural, and modern significance of 54 African countries and the Caribbean region. Through interactive and online activities, RIAINetwork will also provide lessons for all individuals who can trace their roots back to the African continent.